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My Finland Exhibition is on Show

The exhibition has been framed, arranged and hung. Jaana’s incredible organising over the last 18 months has been wonderful! The staff from Valamo (Rami, Marti, Karl and Aila) have been so helpful, organising everything for the workshop at the same time. We are really spoilt as we usually have to do everything ourselves. The workshop stars tomorrow afternoon with an introduction and tour around the grounds. Very civilised!
I will add that we can eat in the lovely dining/cafe free throughout the workshop, this includes all meals. There will be pics of food!!
The exhibition opening is on Tuesday afternoon but tonight we may watch the Eurovision spectacle on TV. Maybe. Anyway we have some Valamo champagne for celebrating an unlikely win by Finland. We will drink the champers anyway! Pic of Helen documenting the exhibition. There is a religious component, of course, with many religious paintings hanging in the exhibition space too.