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The show begins!

So much work goes into having an exhibition overseas.  The costs become a bit scary too!  But the busy folk at  New Valaam Monastery have created brochures for the exhibition and workshop.

I hope you can read and understand Finnish!  They have chosen my image ‘Caesia 1’ for the flyer.  Click on the image to see it a little better.

The theme of 'Flora' for the workshop
The theme of ‘Flora’ for the workshop

Linking Finnish and Aussie Artists

Jaana from Finland has just visited.  She brought with her a pop-up suitcase exhibition which we exhibited at Studio 38, Bruce Bradfield’s new studio in Greenough. Jaana is discussing the artworks with a very appreciative audience. The tickets have been purchased and the works for my exhibition have been chosen.  We are on our way to Finland in April!

Jaana discussing Finnish artists' work at pop-up exhibition
Jaana discussing Finnish artists’ work at pop-up exhibition